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DIDO Mining Jobs

Mining_jobs The mining industry provides unique opportunities for those seeking a portable career. Australian mining  industry expert Danny Duric from gives us some insight below about the DIDO employment model Many companies in the mining industry have embraced DIDO (Drive in drive out) as a new way to increase production. DIDO  means that you drive yourself to […] Continue reading →

Journey not the Destination

I’ve been a Trailing Spouse for about 12 years since I chose to follow my wife’s career around the world. Every new assignment is an adventure and a challenge for various reasons, but this chosen lifestyle is not about being a Trailing Spouse, or any of the other pointless labels we use to identify the […] Continue reading →

Do your skills match your region?

dinosaurs dead From: The Sceptical Market Observer: No Wonder There is Unemployment “…one of the main reasons the U.S. fails to create new jobs is that its working population lacks the necessary skills which employers need and are seeking to grow their businesses. As Mary Landrieu and Patty Murray put it, “Small-business owners say that they have […] Continue reading →

Connect 64 – Regional Employment initiative for Trailing Spouses

This week I interviewed Robyn Rosenthal from Connect Sixty-Four, a relocation service designed to help trailing spouses connect with regional employers in and around Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA. Through a collective commitment of business partnerships along the 64-mile stretch between St. Joseph and Battle Creek, MI, trailing spouses get exclusive exposure to the area’s hiring agents […] Continue reading →
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