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Lifestyle Business Trend Can Benefit Employers

Lifestyle businesses are becoming more popular. The idea is that an individual can create a business that allows for their choice of lifestyle, as well as funds it. Whether the founder’s priority is to travel, have flexible hours or pursue some other passion on the side, lifestyle businesses can be incredibly attractive. The growing lifestyle […] Continue reading →

Telecommunications to Olives

We’re still working on this article at the moment. If you have an idea for a story about a Lifestyle Business, Portable Career, or Regional Business development, drop us a line, we are always interested to learn about new businesses. Contact us now. Olivo is the oldest commercial olive grove in the Wairarapa valley, located […] Continue reading →

Newspaper software developers become sales agents

Chosing the right software for newspaper and magazine publishers presents a range of tough questions: Will it be the best solution tomorrow? What will I really use? What is the true cost of implentation? And most importantly: Will it make me more money? EzyMedia had an even tougher decision as a software development company when it moved from its own proprietary software to Wordpress and other opensource software solutions. This article looks at why. Continue reading →

Tomorrow’s Newspaper

The media landscape is moving fast and the smart newspapers are redefining their operations and role. With the news part of newspapers moving online, this article examines what is left for the good old newspaper and what we can expect in the next few years. Continue reading →

How to start a magazine

Online magazine websites, magazine templates, start a magazine, publishing a magazine, magazine publishing Publishing software is so rich with functionality and so affordable now, allowing even complete novices to start a magazine with little risk and cost. The stages of starting a magazine should include: Identify a niche that makes you feel excited! Publishing is […] Continue reading →