Building an online business is much harder than most people assume

The Brutal Truth: Building an Online Business isn’t Easy I’ve been working with clients trying to build online businesses long enough to know one thing: building a successful online business is much harder than most people assume. Whatever effort you’re envisioning it will take to succeed right now, double or triple that expectation. Corbett hits […] Continue reading →

Portable Careers = Career by Choice

Career by Choice I’m Megan Fitzgerald, expat and personal branding coach and your trusted guide through the ever-changing world of international careers. With almost two decades of experience supporting professionals and entrepreneurs in growing their careers and businesses worldwide, I help expats committed to their own growth and success become highly visible, sought after and […] Continue reading →

Lifestyle Business Trend Can Benefit Employers

Lifestyle businesses are becoming more popular. The idea is that an individual can create a business that allows for their choice of lifestyle, as well as funds it. Whether the founder’s priority is to travel, have flexible hours or pursue some other passion on the side, lifestyle businesses can be incredibly attractive. The growing lifestyle […] Continue reading →
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